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Blazer ES1000CR Spitfire Butane Torch

Blazer ES1000CR Spitfire Butane Torch
Blazer ES1000CR

The Blazer ES1000CR Stingray Spitfire Refillable Butane Torch, is a portable and refillable butane torch which features a precision flame for fine work such as jewelry making and repairs. The Blazer Spitfire has a slim line look and an angled head which customers say makes it easy to use.

Its flame range is from yellow through to a precise, very hot blue flame and you can easily adjust this at will. It also comes with a small tabletop stand and a piezoelectric ignition system which of course, doesn’t require electricity.

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Features of the Blazer ES1000CR

Design – a butane torch with an angled head design as well as a slim shaped body
Control Levers – you can control flame length as well as oxygen
Torch flame – is adjustable from a yellow to a blue flame to provide maximum flexibility with flame precision
Flame Length – 0.5 to 3.0 inches
Ignition – is a piezoelectric ignition system which does not require an electrical connection, making is suitable for portable use
Temperature – reaches a 2,500-degree F precise blue-torch flame
Fuel – uses a standard butane canister
Burn Time – 30 minutes at full capacity
Stand – comes with a tabletop stand so you can use both hands to manipulate your work


Measures: 6.0 L x 3.0 W x 2.5 D inches
Fuel Capacity – 8 grams
Weighs: 5.4 ounces